Athletics Information


Athletics Information



Westchester Lutheran 6th-8th Grade Boys and Girls Cross-Country teams finished first for the second year in a row at the Pacific Basin League Cross-Country Finals on November 1st at Kenneth Hahn State Park.  John Susich and Elaine Lillie have been coaches for Westchester Lutheran Cross-Country for 20 years.


Top scorers for the girl’s team were Taylor Jamison (2nd), Sophie Boucher (6th), Sophia Yaconelli (8th), Kate Kirkland (9th) and Kayla James (12th).  The boys’ top scorers include Richie Moreno (4th), Scott Yontez (5th), Cole Quirarte (6th), Jake Rogers (9th) and Bryce Barber (10th). 


 “The ladies cross country teams accomplished back to back championships in 2010/2011 and the gentlemen in 2011/2012 but this is a really tough milestone for both teams to repeat in consecutive years (2015/2016).  We are very proud of our athletes,” notes Elaine Lillie.  “The ladies have had a 1st or 2nd place win 5 times in the last 7 years and the gentlemen a 1st or 2nd place win 7 times in the last 7 years.  

 Of note, 57% of the school participated in cross-country this season and 85% participated in a fall sport (either cross country, volleyball or both).  83% of fall athletes are Honor Roll or Dean’s List recipients for the first quarter (3.5-4.0 GPA).  


Fall Sports

Fall Sports

Cross Country

Cross Country 2015 Pacific Basin League Champions

Cross Country 2015 Pacific Basin League Champions


CrossCOuntry Master Schedule


Mon 5 - Labor Day
Tue 6 - 1st day of school
 Wed 7 - Optional
 Fri 9 - Optional/Beach?
Mon 12- Regular
Tue 13 - MEET @ R/Cheviot Hills*
Wed 13 - Optional
Fri 16 - Beach
Mon 19 - Regular
Wed 21 - Optional
Fri 23 - Beach
Mon 26 - Regular
Tue 27 - Optional
Wed 28 - MEET @ R/Cheviot Hills*
Fri 30 - Beach


 Mon 3 - Regular
Tue 4 - MEET @ R/Cheviot Hills*
Wed 5 - Optional
Fri 7 - Beach
Mon 10 - Regular
Tue 11 - Split Optional
Wed 12 - Split Optional
Fri 14 - Beach
Mon 17 - Regular
Wed 19 - Split Optional
* Thur 20 - Split Optional
Fri 21 - Beach
Mon 24 - Regular
Tue 25 - MEET @ Kenneth Hahn*
Wed 26 - Optional
Fri 28 - Beach
Mon 31 - TBA



Tue 1 - FINALS @ Kenneth Hahn**


Girls VolleyBall

Girls VolleybAll Schedule

Winter Sports

Winter Sports

Girls BasketbalL


2016-2017 Girls Basketball Schedule

11/28     Monday               WLS Court                                           3:30-5

11/29     Tuesday               WLS Court

11/30     Wednesday        Westchester Park         3:15-5DRIVERS?


12/5       Monday               WLS Court          

12/6       Tuesday               AT Brentwood       LV WLMS at 3:15 Game at 5:00DRIVERS?

12/7       Wednesday        Westchester Park          3:15-5DRIVERS?


12/12     Monday               WLS Court

12/13     Tuesday               AT Archer           LV WLMS at 2:30 Game at 3:30Munoz driving, need one more

12/14     Wednesday        Westchester Park          3:15-5DRIVERS?


1/3         Tuesday               WLS Court          

1/4         Wednesday        WLS Court          

1/5         Thursday             WLS Court


1/9         Monday               AT Stoner Park (Wildwood)     LV WLMS at 2:30 Game at 3:30Drivers?

1/10       Tuesday               AT Marlborough         LV WLMS at 2:30 Game at 3:30Drivers:  Jamison NEEDone more

1/11       Wednesday        Westchester Park              Drivers?


1/17       Tuesday               AT St. Paul the Apostle   LV WLMS 3:00Game at 4:00Drivers   Jamisonneed one more

1/18       Wednesday        AT Westchester Park           vs Archer    Lv WLMS at 3:153:45 GameDrivers?

1/19       Thursday             AT Willows                  LV WLMS at 3:004:00 game Drivers?


1/23       Monday               AT WNS                       LV WLMS at 3:154:00 game Drivers?

1/24       Tuesday               WLS Court

1/25       Wednesday        AT Westchester Park     LV WLMS at 3:15 Game at 4:00Drivers?


Spring Sports

Spring Sports


Boys Volleyball


Directions for Athletics

Directions for Athletics


All directions are from WLS


Archer School

11725 Sunset Blvd
405 North, exit Sunset, turn left at the exit onto Sunset. Just past
Barrington Ave. on the right will be the entrance to Archer ---JUST PAST Barrington.  The Entrance is hard to see-so if you miss it, go around  the block and try again. Pull into the school and drive past the building to
park. The sport court is by the parking lot.


Brentwood School

100 Barrington Place
405 North, exit Sunset
Left onto Sunset
Left onto Barrington Place
Go to the first stop sign and turn left into the back entrance for the school
Follow signs to Pavillion



Bridges Academy

3921 Laurel Canyon Blvd

Studio City, CA 91604


405 north 101 south/east

Exit Lauren Canyon

Turn right onto Maxwellton

Right into the parking lot



Calvary Christian

405 North to 10 west, PCH
Exit Sunset, Right onto Sunset
Left onto Palisades Drive (3rd Light)
School is on the Left
Gym parking is before school parking (both on the left)


Crossroads School—Memorial Park

405 North to 10 West
Exit 26th/Cloverfield—turn right at the exit
Left onto Olympic
Right onto 14th Street, parking lot is on the right

Crossroads School—Norton Gym

405 North to 10 West
Exit 26th/Cloverfield—turn right at the exit
Left onto Olympic
Right onto 18th, parking lot is at the end of 18th


4100 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90056

Sepulveda north
Turn right on Centinela
Turn left on La Tijera
Turn left on La Cienega
Exit at Kenneth Hahn Park
Turn right into park, follow road to the top parking lot (you will drive up
long hill to reach lot)

Marlborough School

250 S RossmoreNorth on Sepulveda
La Tiejera--Left
La Cienega--Left
10 East
Exit La Brea North
Edgewood Place--Right (it's a light)
Slight left onto Highland
Pass the school on the left (corner of 3rd & Rossmore)
Enter parking lot on left off of 3rd

New Roads (Stoner Park)

405 North to 10 West
Exit Bundy –North (towards Olympic)
1st or 2nd street past Olympic is La Grange—turn right
Left onto Stoner
Stay on Stoner Ave for about 3 blocks
Stoner Park is on the left hand side


Pan Pacific Park

La Cienega North to Beverly Blvd
Right onto Beverly Blvd
There is a large park on the right with a large parking lot


Rancho Park

Sepulveda North to Jefferson
Left onto Overland
Right onto Palms
Left onto Motor
Follow Motor, park will be on the left.If you get to Pico, you have gone
too far.
There are large parking lots or you can park on the street.If you can’t
find immediate parking, please drop runners off next to the starting table
for the race and then find parking

Stoner Park

405 North to 10 West
Exit Bundy –North (towards Olympic)
1st or 2nd street past Olympic is La Grange—turn right
Left onto Stoner
Stay on Stoner Ave for about 3 blocks
Stoner Park is on the left hand side


Directins to Schools

St. Matthew’s

	1031 Bienvenida Ave
405 North to 10 West to PCH
Right onto Sunset, left on to Bienvendia (it’sa light)
School is on the left

St. Paul The Apostle

	1536 Selby Ave
405 North to Santa Monica Blvd
Right onto Santa Monica Blvd
Left onto Westwood Blvd.
Right onto Ohio (2 lights)
Right onto Selby (about 4 blocks)

Turning Point School

	8780 National Blvd
Sepulveda North to Jefferson
Left onto Overland
Right onto Washington
Right onto National
School is on the corner of National/Wesley
Park in Spartan Roofing Lot on the corner of Wesley and Washington Blvd

WLA College

Sepulveda North to Jefferson (By Toys R Us)
Right onto Overland
Left onto Freshman Drive
Stay to the Left, park on lot 5.
Please let the kids out to walk east to the track.There is a machine at the 
far South east corner of the lot, buy a $2 daily parking pass for your 

Westside Neighborhood School

	5401 Beethoven Street
Sepulveda North to Centinela
Left onto Centinela
Left onto Jefferson
Right onto Beethoven
School is on left, park in the parking lot on the right--if it's after 3:15, 
you can park in any reserved space
Please use the crosswalk at the corner of Beethoven and Coral Tree for your 
safety and to follow our Conditional Use Permit (CUP). Instead of going to 
the main part of the 5401 building, please walk to the south part of the 
school (using the sidewalk parallel to Beethoven Street) between the front 
parking lot exit and the carpool exit to enter where we have a designated 
person to open the gate and door for you.

Wildwood School (Stoner Park)

405 North to 10 West
Exit Bundy –North (towards Olympic)
1st or 2nd street past Olympic is La Grange—turn right
Left onto Stoner
Stay on Stoner Ave for about 3 blocks
Stoner Park is on the left hand side

The Willows School

	8509 Higuera St (gym entrance is off of Warner)
Sepulveda North to Jefferson
Left onto Rodeo/Higuera
Immediate right onto Eastham
Immediate left onto Warner (difficult to see)
Gym entrance is on the left.
DO NOT park in lot on right, you will be ticketed, watch your U-turns, Culver 
City police will ticket you

Windward School

	11350 Palms BLvd
Sepulveda North to Palms Blvd
Left onto Palms
Left onto Sawtelle
School parking lot is immediately on the right