Many people mark Memorial Day Weekend as the beginning of summer. My marker comes this weekend, with the Westchester Lutheran Carnival. This marvelous event celebrates the end of the school year and so much more.

This year, I was one of the volunteers in the “Sonscreen” Booth (a booth staffed by the Outreach Committee to share church literature and free sunscreen with attendees). Being in the booth was a wonderful opportunity to admire how beautifully the carnival is run. Months of preparation and hard work by school and church families translate to a joyous event for our community and for the entire neighborhood. People’s smiles, the happy shouts and laughter, even the dirt-streaked and weary faces of smaller visitors at day’s end spoke of the fun and wonderful memories that were created in the course of the day.

All this also spoke to what is possible when we come together as a community. From large events to one-on-one interactions, whenever we gather together as the people of Westchester Lutheran, as the people of God, we can do great things. When we remember why we are together – because we love the Lord and seek to honor Him with our devotion and service – we can have a huge impact. We can make people smile. We can demonstrate grace. We can lead people to Christ.

As we prepare for summer, many of us will head off to vacations and other activities. Even when we are apart, let us remember our strength and purpose as a community. If you are going to be away for a while, remember to continue to pray for our church and school, stay current in your giving, and – most of all – hurry back. The strength and beauty of this community rests on our gathered gifts, dedication, and love. May it stay strong, as we strive to support the work of this church and school, in honor of our Lord.

“Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven. For where two or three gather in My Name, there am I with them.”
Matthew 18:19-20