Even as we talk about how we can love giving, it may seem counterintuitive, in this season of Lent, to think about giving joy. Yet as I sat in the Wednesday Worship Show this week, watching some of the amazingly talented actors and sings with which this congregation is blessed, I was filled with joy. I was struck by the selfless joy with which they delivered the Lenten message. These men and women use the talents God has given them to share the Gospel in a new and invigorating way. They let His glory shine through their words and actions. The power of His glory and their delight in sharing it resonates with me long after I’ve gone home.

Our choirs and praise teams perform the same beautiful ministry on Sundays. From the youngest children’s choir, whose pride and happiness radiate as they sing out for their Lord, to our Cathedral Choir, whose powerful talent and conviction deeply move me on a regular basis, to the praise team, whose energizing and enlightening songs recharge my spirit, they are blessings.

What if we each set out to share the Gospel with the zeal of these artists? What if we dedicated ourselves to finding a way to explain what God has done for us that leaves those we meet with a smile and a new eagerness to draw near to Him? What if we learned to turn our very lives into joyous songs of praise?

You don’t have to be an artist to give joy. You only have to open your heart. As Hank Williams wrote:

When God dips His pen of love in my heart
And writes my soul the message He wants me to know
His spirit all divine fills this sinful soul of mine
When God dips His love in my heart
I said I wouldn't tell it to a living soul
How He brought salvation when He made me whole
But I found I couldn't hide
Such love as Jesus did impart

This Lenten season, sing out. Give joy.

“Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.”

Psalm 95:1