This was a hectic week. So many sectors of my life, personal and professional, pulled me in so many different directions that I felt scattered, strained, and unable to meet any of my obligations on the level I desired. As I tried to impose calm and order on myself, I realized I was making a fundamental error. Instead of looking around for an answer, I needed to look up. All the Post-It notes and to-do lists in the world weren’t going to solve my problem. I needed to stop, pray, and let God lift me up.

I did. And He did.

When we are stressed and tired, it is all too easy to lose our way. Those moments of challenge are when it’s most important to remember that He is The Way, and all truth and beauty comes from Him. When we let our eyes fall from Him, we start looking down and heading down. In our scramble to fix matters ourselves, we stumble and fall even lower. In our desperate efforts to pull ourselves up, we pull others down. We knock over those struggling for balance. We hurt those who hold out their hands in help. Insisting that we can dig ourselves out, we just dig ourselves in deeper.

The devil likes to tell us that we are alone, that there is no hope, that nothing will ever get better. Those are lies to which you can only fall prey if your head and heart are down. If you lift your heart, it will be filled with God’s mighty words of truth and grace. If you lift your eyes, you will see hope and salvation in the shining face of the Lord. He was lifted up on the cross so we might all be lifted out of sin. He was lifted up on the third day so we might all live forever. He was lifted up to sit with the Father so we might all have a place there.

Are you lost? Head up. Are you beset? Listen up. Are you broken? Reach up. The Lord will lift you up, speak to you, and hold you close, now and forever.

“I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord,
the Maker of heaven and earth.”
Psalm 121:1-2