SCRIP - Don't Shop Without it!

We encourage our families to participate and support WLS!  Your support is very important to our school.  Scrip is ongoing throughout the year from Jan.  - Dec. Stop by the school office or call 310-670-5422. 

Limited scrip is available at the school including Amazon, HomeDepot, Staples and JCPenney’s.


Set up and account and start right away.

  • Go to

  • Click "Join A Program"

  • Enter Enrollment Code: B6L2L73A8854 (no spaces in front of the B)

  • Follow the prompts for registering

  • Begin shopping

  • Check out the "bonus rebates" tab for those retailers offering bonuses!

What is Scrip?

Scrip is fundraising while you shop. A percentage of your purchase is given to the school. The best part about Scrip Fundraising is you won’t have to ask anyone to buy anything. Scrip fundraising gift cards are the same gift cards you would normally purchase from local retail stores such as Macy's, Starbucks, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Home Depot. When thinking about gift cards for friends and families, remember Scrip is available. 

Why should I purchase scrip?

WLS, as well as many other schools and non-profit organizations, takes advantage of selling Scrip. Your Scrip purchase from WLS is not an extra cost to you. WLS receives some funding from the companies participating in return for each purchase you make.  These funds help minimize tuition increases.    

Amazon Smile

Have an Amazon Account? Add WLS as your organization, and our school will received a donation on your behalf!  Please keep in mind that Amazon Smile does not count towards your Scrip requirement, your purchases through Amazon Smile help our school and we appreciate your support. Register at Smile.Amazon.Com

Scrip Gift Cards

If you wish to purchases gift cards at the school office give us a call or stop by to find out what we have in our on-hand inventory.  Our on-hand inventory changes on a daily basis.  If we do not have what you need, we can order it for you.