Thanks to all who helped to make our Fall Fun Fair 2017 a great day!  Special thank to Jodi Clancy and Tracy Hurst, co-chairs for the event and their committee: Heather Alvarez, Phyllis Baily Brooks, Berta Gordon, Tim Goldstein, Kitna Halim, Alyssa Hernandez, Kris Keltie, Sandra Masted, Lory Sarlo, Tracy Turner, Eric Udagawe, Any Vaughan, Danielle Walker, Cyndi Widmer and Tracy Wilson.

To the following teachers for providing "teacher treats": Mrs. Engler, Mrs. Macedo, Mrs. Krug and Mrs. White.

And cheers to all the parent volunteers for setting up, staffing the games (several worked double shifts), bringing baked goods (what a wonderful array of treats!), and supplying items for our raffle. 

Thanks also to our wonderful cheerleaders for their enthusiastic cheers and the middle school students who endured (enjoyed) the balloon toss. 

It all came together to provide a super day for our WLS families and guests.

COSTUME PARADE WINNERS: The costumes this year were the best ever according to event chair Jodi Clancy (she has been on the Fall Fun Fair Committee since Fiona (now in 7th) was in Kindergarten) so has seen a lot of costumes at WLS!

First Place - Ernesto Trevino
Second Place - Charlotte Cope
Third Place - Katie Ragins

CANDY COUNT WINNERS: Nathan Fernandez - James Fuller - Maya Spitzer's guest

GOOD NEWS! ALl of the Teacher Wishes were fulfilled! They will be receiving checks at a chapel before Thanksgiving.  Once again our generous parents displayed their support of our teachers.