JR. Kindergarten - 5th Grade


Our JK-5th Grade elementary school program offers a standards-based approach to instruction encompassing core academics, including English, Reading, Math, Science, Physical Education, Health, Social Studies and Spanish.    Our students participate in Technology, Art, Music, and Chapel.

Our teachers use a combination of teaching instruction modalities and methodologies to engage students and to reach every learning style.   Across the range of subjects, students learn to critically think, problem solve, and are encouraged to apply these skills both in and out of the classroom.

At WLS, we advocate a disciplined approach to learning.  In addition to teaching fundamentals, we guide children in developing interpersonal skills which will enable them to become successful adults.

Our students also participate in our Gateway to Art and Portals to Science programs.  WLS founded these programs which are now shared and administered by a group of local private schools. 




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Mrs. Engler


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Ms. Gomez


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Mrs. Hahn
P.E./Health Teacher


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Mrs. Hernandez Computer


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Mrs. Talbert
Art Teacher


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