This week will be a special one at WLS. We’re going to be planting seeds.

It’s Vacation Bible School week, and children from Junior Kindergarten to fifth grade will be spending the day learning about God’s love for them and for His creation. The devoted teachers and volunteers will be sharing Bible stories and verses, leading them in games and crafts, and teaching them about the importance of stewardship and mission work. Most importantly, these teens and adults will be planting seeds of faith and love in the children, guiding them to see the Lord more clearly – or, perhaps, to see Him for the first time.

In a world rocked by new tragedy every day, it is holy work to continue to share our faith, to show it stands firm in every circumstance. It’s especially crucial to share this with the children, who deserve to believe that hope and faith will prevail, that it’s important for us to care for our neighbors and to lift up those who have less, that God walks beside us in storm and in sunshine.

We will see beautiful evidence of the importance of planting the seeds of faith in children this week. Six daughters and sons of this congregation – Holly Brown, Danielle Reynolds, Sara Parrott, Sean Parrott, Kaitlyn Watkinson, and Geoffrey Watkinson – will be working with our students, sharing the love of the Lord that has been cultivated in them here at Westchester Lutheran since they were small.

These last few weeks, I’ve heard several people invoke Oscar Hammerstein’s lyrics in South Pacific: “You’ve got to be taught/To hate and fear,/You’ve got to be taught/From year to year,/It’s got to be drummed/In your dear little ear…” Before the world can teach these children any more about hate, we have an opportunity to teach them about love and grace and forgiveness. Please pray for the teachers and assistants who are planting seeds this week, that they may take root and raise up another generation that follows the Lord.

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

Proverbs 22:6