Wlcs Toy Drive


Wlcs Toy Drive

On Dec 16, 2016 Westchester Lutheran Students collected toys for needy children.


WLCS Floats

WLCS Floats

 'BEST OVERALL'"Our Little Piece of Paradise- Celebrating 75 Years of Westchester"

Float  2016 v1

When it comes to celebrating "Our Little Piece of Paradise" in this corner of the United States, Westchester stand up strong.  Westchester Lutheran Church & School is happy to present our 2016 float to our great neighborhood and say " Happy 75th Anniversary, Westchester"

The float depicts the image of that little sign that resides just east of the corner of Manchester and Lincoln that says "Westchester Home of Lax." However, in this case, we are using the Spruce Goose to represent the history of Westchester.  You can see the Spruce Goose flying over the houses, icons, and even the people that make this neighborhood so special.  

The Spruce Goose was built in the Howard Hughes hanger by engineers that lived in this great neighborhood.  Westchester continued to boom in the early 1940's as the aerospace industry grew by leaps and bounds.  In the last 75 years, Westchester continues to maintain that amazing "we can do it!" attitude that was seeded so long ago. 

As you look a the neighborhood below the Spruce Goose, you will realize that this float is about you.  This neighborhood is filled with the greatest of families and friends, and maintains an amazing positive spirit.  You are the families at the heart of this neighborhood.  And events like this parade help to build the foundation for your children that will stay with them forever.

Our float looks amazing!  Thanks to Mr. Dan Garr for creating another masterpiece and to all the parents who assisted Dan with another great float.