Help make Christmas time a little brighter for a needy child this year. WLCS will be collecting toys once again for the Salvation Army. The toys are distributed to families of need in our area. 
Students of WLS are encouraged to bring an unwrapped new toy as their offering to the all school chapel on December 16th. Church members can contribute too! Please bring a donation anytime from December 4th to the 18th and place in the narthex. 

Toys can be for any age— babies to teenagers. WLCS has participated in this toy drive for the past several years. The families that are chosen to receive gifts are definitely in need. If we work together and all bring in one or more toy we can help more families than ever before. 
We encourage you to shop together with your own family and let your child be a part of the selection of a gift. Talk about the meaning of giving and where these toys will be donated as we will do at school. 
It is such a simple way to help make a child’s Christmas special this year!