We believe that instrumental music enhances our student educational journey.  The skills learned in school through music transfer readily to “study skills, communication skills, and cognitive skills useful in every part of the curriculum”  Students meet with the instructor in the Fireside Room or the Church.  Scheduled practices will be assigned by each instructor.
Wednesday and Thursdays
Learn piano with innovative and fun music teaching techniques.   Individual and group lesson are available
Students must have a piano or keyboard to practice on.  A year-end concert that culminated the program is schedule and students are encouraged to participate.
To register please print the registration form click here.   Any questions please contact Lisa Belding at 310.895.3578
Eighth month program with a student recital in May 2012
1st and 2nd Grade -  Flutophone/Recorder
3rd Grade and Up  -  Flute, Acoustic Guitar or Drums
4th Grade and Up  -  Electric Guitar or Electric Bass
Group and private lessons are available, please contact Ed Marz  at 310.836.8824 or ed@edmarz.com