The bathroom counter in my apartment in Canada is black, flecked with silver and gold. It’s pretty – when I’m wearing my glasses. When I take off my glasses and put them down on the counter, my glasses disappear. Every morning after my shower, I fumble around, feeling for my glasses, and tell myself that tomorrow, I will start putting them in the same place so I know exactly where they are. And then, the next morning, I put them down without thinking, and wind up fumbling blindly again.

It occurred to me this morning, as I discovered I had swept my glasses into the trashcan in my fumbling, that it’s all too easy for us to treat the Word of God in the same way – put it down casually, lose sight of it, and then fumble for it when we need it most. Worse, we find ourselves blinded by anger, pride, or hatred, and we stumble along on our own, not even attempting to reach for the Word. We foolishly believe we can find our own way, not considering the hurt we may cause – to ourselves and to others – as we go.

But if we remember to always put the Word in the same place, we will never lose track of it, never wander blindly without it. And that place is so much more convenient than the bathroom counter: That place is in our hearts. When the Word of God is written on our hearts, it becomes part of us. It opens our eyes. It flows through us. It informs every step we take and every word we speak. It gives us strength in times of hardship and magnifies our joy.

And as the Word helps each of us to see more clearly, we become more aware of those around us who are still fumbling in the darkness. The Word gives us the strength and the clarity to reach out to them in love and lead them to the Lord. On His path, we can all see clearly and walk humbly, with the Word cherished in our hearts.

“‘Lord, I want to see,’ he replied.

Jesus said to him, ‘Receive your sight; your faith has healed you.’ Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus, praising God. When all the people saw it, they also praised God.”

Luke 18:41-43